What is a Drug Detox?

A Drug Detox simply removes the substance from the body in a medically safe way. If a user decides they just want a drug detox, then without the psychological aspects of addiction, the drug user will almost certainly return to drugs. Detox Costs, We include a medical detox in our rehab programmes free of charge in most cases. 

Not all drug detox are the same. It all depends on the doctor prescribing the drug detox and the substances involved. Every Medical Drug Detox needs to be measured against the following:


  • Clients age.
  • Clients weight.
  • How long the clients has been on the substance.
  • The type of substances the client has been using.
  • Clients physical health.

Drug detox needs to be handled very carefully as it can be fatal if not. Never attempt to detox yourself without medical advice. 

This is the following time frames for a typical drug detox:

DrugDoseRapid DetoxTapering Detox
Methadone< 30mg12+2 days2-4 weeks
Methadone30 – 80mg15+2 days4 weeks
Methadone>80mg18+2 daysk
Buprenorphine>8mg11+2 days2 weeks
Buprenorphine>8mg15+2 days2-4 weeks
Street Heroink9+2 daysk

Drugs such as Cannabis, LSD (acid), Crack Cocaine, Powder Cocaine do not need a medical detox. There are some medications which can be issued to help with restoring appetites, and restoring natural sleep

We are able to provide support for ALL substances.

We offer drug and alcohol detox programmes in multiple clinics such as inpatient treatment programmes and residential drug and alcohol rehab. Our alcohol and drug clinics are fully equipped and designed to make your withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs as comfortable as possible. Our detox clinics have an in house chef to cater for your nutritional requirements. We have a team of fully qualified nurses working around the clock to ensure a smooth detox.

Our alcohol and drug clinics are conveniently situated across the UK and Ireland, and are designed to cater for a small number of clients, this ensures the personal touch and a very high level of care. Whether you are sure about the type of alcohol and drug treatment you need or are interested in learning about all of the options call our admissions team today on: 0845 3881 543

Our services include medically supervised detox, group and 1-2-1 counselling sessions, complementary therapies, creative activities, leisure activities, sport and family days – For more information about what we do, Contact us. Our clinics provide great value – our costs for drug and alcohol rehab are within the most affordable 25% in the UK and Ireland.

83% Long Term Success

85% in gainful employment or educational training

80% report significant or restored family networks